Accurate Investigative Services, Inc is a full service investigative company providing high quality fraud prevention and due diligence solutions to clients throughout New York since 1991.

Surveillance – When it comes to video surveillance, we are the ones who get the job done right.  We are equipped a full time staff of trained, seasoned field investigators who are dedicated to surveillance only.  We do not utilize any subcontracter services or “import” investigators from hundreds of miles away, as we pride ourselves on a consistently high standard for obtaining video evidence, submitting quality reports, and maintaining the confidentiality of client information.  Investigators are trained to use standard surveillance equipment as well as several types of covert/wearable/hidden camera equipment.  In addition to this, our field operatives are also required to be fluent with pretext and social engineering techniques, as well as physical record and electronic research methodologies. We offer both flat rate and per diem surveillance packages that can be tailored to the specific needs of a diverse client base spanning virtually all commercial and corporate sectors.

Social Media and Desktop Investigations – Our desktop investigations are performed by dedicated research investigators with extensive training in law enforcement research methods, digital forensics, computer science, and financial auditing.  Our social media searches offer much more than just plugging a name into a search engine and letting the algorithm do the work.  Our investigators parse data obtained on subjects from hundreds of sources, rank them in order of relevance, and offer insight and analysis of a subject’s likely activities.  We offer a range of desktop investigation packages that can be combined with activity checks or surveillance assignments to suit almost any objective.

Due Diligence –  Our Due Diligence division is designed to provide clients an alternative to the costly and time consuming investigations offered in our industry. While these products may suit some client’s criteria, many times an investigation of a different scope is necessary. When a situation does not warrant as intensive an investigation and/or results are needed in a short timeframe, most firms in the industry are not able to meet these requirements. AIS is able to provide a suitable alternative.  Our “ala carte” investigative scope is unique in the industry. By allowing clients the ability to select the specific searches that suit their needs, their investigation can be tailored to accomplish their precise goals in a timely manner and within specific budget guidelines.

This type of service is available for a broad array of commercial clients, and is currently utilized frequently by numerous banking, financial investment, insurance, real estate, human resource and professional sports organization, among others.

NAIC Background Checks  – We are one of the few approved vendors in the country able to perform NAIC searches utilizing the biographical affidavits submitted to the state licensing agencies.  Our turnaround for these checks is usually within 7-10 days, and discounted fees are available if multiple subjects are involved.  Feel free to contact us for any additional details.

Alive and Well/Activity Checks –  When financial benefits are being paid to a claimant or other designated beneficiary, you need to be certain they are being delivered to the intended recipient.  In a time when the delivery method of these payments is increasingly reliant on technology, face to face interaction with beneficiaries is becoming rare.  As a result,  a broad range of organizations have discovered a need for physical, in-person checks in order to determine that their money is being received by the person it was meant for.  We routinely provide these services for a host of corporate clients by offering affordable Alive and Well Checks, Activity Checks, and Death Benefit interviews.

Litigation Support/Subrogation/Process Service – Our firm offers a full range of litigation support services, including process service, subrogation, witness location, public records searches, and scene photography/documentation

School District Residency Checks and Investigations– We offer our surveillance and non-surveillance services to public school districts in need of district residency verification as well as pre-employment screening and other related investigations