About Us

AIS was established in 1991 by 15 year law enforcement and fraud investigations veteran Richard Cure.  Mr. Cure quickly expanded his small company’s client base by working hard to cultivate a reputation for honesty, integrity, professionalism, and most importantly…results.  Since then, the company has grown to provide services to a diverse private and corporate client base, conducts surveillance investigations throughout New York state, and offers numerous other services to both domestic and international clients.


From offices located in New York’s Hudson Valley, Capital District, Syracuse and Long Island/NYC regions, we direct a dedicated staff of trained and skilled professionals who specialize in video surveillance, loss mitigation, and due diligence investigations.


As our firm expands and explores new markets and offerings, we are committed to providing increasing quality, affordability, and efficiency across our entire spectrum of services.  Our dedication to honesty and integrity remains paramount as we strive to continue supplying both new and existing clients with the highest standard of investigative solutions the industry has to offer.